Parashas Noach from the Midrash


We are fortunate to have a lot of midrashim to fill in the background of simple P’shat of our weekly Parashiyos in the Chumash.  Just in time for Parashas Noach,  you will find this book a wonderful resource.

Rabbi Yosef Deutsch’s new release entitled “Let My World Survive” is a beautifully crafted story detailing the generations before the Flood starting from Adam’s descendants, Enosh, Meshushelach, Lemech to Noach, through the episode of the Great Deluge and continuing to the generations of the Dispersion who built the Tower of Bavel.  Drawing from sources in the various Midrashim, Rabbi Deutsch created another masterpiece giving us more than a glimpse of the time period of the world’s early inhabitants and the way they lived.

We are led in this book to the history of idolatry in a world whose closeness to Hashem was just a few generations away from Adam, the first man.  How immorality that beset these early generations came into being through corruption was another eye opener.  Noach was unique in that he was not influenced by the depravity of society and was picked by Hashem to survive the Flood.

If you find this book educational, don’t stop here.  Add the following titles to your Torah library from the same author.


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