Abarbanel’s Commentary on Chumash


A new English-translation of Abarbanel’s commentary on Chumash is available now.  

From Wikipedia:

Abravanel was born in Lisbon, Portugal, into one of the oldest and most distinguished Jewish Iberian families, the Abravanel family, who had escaped massacre in Castile in 1391. A student of the rabbi of Lisbon, Joseph Chaim,[3] he became well versed in rabbinic literature and in the learning of his time, devoting his early years to the study of Jewish philosophy. Abravanel is quoted as saying that he included Joseph ibn Shem-Tov as his mentor. At twenty years old, he wrote on the original form of the natural elements, on religious questions and prophecy. Together with his intellectual abilities, he showed a complete mastery of financial matters. This attracted the attention of King Afonso V of Portugal who employed him as treasurer.

You can find a 5-volume set of Abarbanel’s commentary on Chumash on Amazon.  The translator is Rabbi Israel Lazar.