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Homeschoolers Won Tznius Contest

A new contest combining Art and Tznius was recently launched l’shem shamayim to promote Tznius and merit protection from Hakadosh Baruch Hu during these difficult times.

The winners of this contest were announced on Rosh Chodesh Teves 5776.  To our delight, both were homeschoolers.  Mazal Tov!  We are very proud of them.  To see who the winners are, visit the link below.

Tznius Contest


Tznius Modest Clothing Design Moshiach-Ready

B’chasdei Hashem, designing modest clothing that meets halacha is now as easy as ever.  With My Sloper, Pattern Making Software for Modest Dressmaking, a whole new world of modest wardrobe is available to the beginner sewist.  Start now and dress modestly and prepare for yourself a modest wardrobe to wear everyday and on Shabbos.  It’s especially important to be dressed modestly before greeting Moshiach, may he come speedily in our days. Continue reading


The Origins of Modesty, Clothing and Sewing


The Origins of Modesty, Clothing and Sewing

by Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Where does modesty originate and why is it associated with clothing? Who invented sewing?  As people of faith, we don’t have to look very far to discover the answer to this question.  If we open to chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Bereishis (Genesis), we will find our answer there.

Continue reading