The Torah Temimah


41sqgk8VcoL._SL250_A great idea for a Bar Mitzvah present, the Torah Temimah links commentary expounded in the Gemara back to their its source, the Chumash, the written Torah.  A Bar Mitzvah boy will cherish this resource as he begins to acquire the skills to navigate the intricate sea of the Talmud.



The Essential Torah Temimah is a work by Rav Baruch Halevi Epstein, z”l and translated to English by the late Rav Shraga Silverstein, z”l.

Baruch Epstein or Baruch ha-Levi Epstein (1860–1941) (Hebrew: ברוך הלוי אפשטיין) was a Lithuanian rabbi, best known for his Torah Temimahcommentary on the Torah. He was the son of Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein, rabbi of Novarodok and author of the work Arukh HaShulkhan. — Wikipedia

A reprinted edition for the entire 5-volume set is available in softcover.