The Torah Way to Healthy Dieting


Are you looking to lose weight while being able to eat regularly albeit healthily? Find out about a proven method of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy perspective on food and dieting based on our timeless resource, the Torah.Rabbi Ishayek, a Rabbi in Bney Brak, Eretz Yisrael, has written a book about maintaining a healthy diet based on Rambam’s methodology.  This book was recently translated to multiple languages, including English.  A wonderful side effect of following this regiment of healthy eating and dieting is losing weight.  Many testimonials have been given that showed the evidence of weight loss, while staying healthy.  In fact, the author of this article has lost 7 lbs over the past 1.5 months since starting this program.  It works!

This program requires behavioral change in looking at food and eating, such as eating only whole grains and drinking water in between meals and not during meals.  Simple exercises that strengthen one’s muscles are included.  Recipes using whole wheat are provided as well.  Advice on how to customize the amount of water intake and protein intake before a fast is also provided.

Priced afford-ably under US $15,  this book will change your life as you study and practice its priceless content for yourself and your family.

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