Our Ivrit Modern Hebrew Curriculum


ssmabModern Hebrew is spoken in the State of Israel today.  It is an adaptation of Biblical Hebrew with many changes in its grammar and vocabulary.   There are many choices for learning Modern Hebrew, aka Ivrit. However, as a religious homeschooling family, we have been using this wonderful set of textbooks and workbooks that maintain religious values.

For the past many years, we were attracted to the set of books authored by Mrs Menucha Fuchs for the Anglo-speaking public, used widely by American Jewish Day Schools.  This series of books is called Sha’ah Shel Menucha (loosely translated Menucha’s Time).  It begins with kindergarten level and goes up to 5th grade.

Each textbook is colorful and contains short stories, vocabulary and exercises named ‘Daf Haf’ta’ah’ (page of surprise).  The stories are written with the religious Jew in mind and have connections to the daily mitzvos that we practice.  In addition, some of the stories are written with a religious Israeli backdrop.

The kindergarten-1st grade level textbook/workbook is an introduction to the letters of the Alef Beis and suitable for coloring.

The next book, Book 1, is suited for 2nd grade, and comes with a textbook and a Dikduk (grammar) supplemental workbook.


Book 2 is suited for 3rd grade and has a Dikduk supplement as well.

Ditto with Books 3 and 4.

All our children have learned Ivrit this way with this series and we would recommend it to other families.