Yehudis Magazine


Providing a safe environment for Bnos Yisrael to connect, form lasting friendships and share their creativity, Yehudis Magazine launched its doors during Chanukah 5775.  Its premier issue has also been published.  Check this out.

We interviewed one of the founders on her vision for Yehudis Magazine.

Q. What inspired you to form Yehudis Magazine?

A. Having grown up with magazines like Highlights and Shoshanim, one of my childhood aspirations was to make one of my own someday.  When I was sixteen, I had the honor of interning at YALDAH Magazine, where I made loads of great friends and connections, and I learned a lot about how a successful magazine works on the inside.  Mrs. Leah Caras, who founded YALDAH at the age of thirteen, is one of my greatest role models in this endeavor.

Q. Is your magazine open to all daughters of Yisrael?

A. Absolutely!  While our content does not conflict with Orthodox Jewish values, we strive to cultivate a welcoming, non-judgemental environment where Jewish girls of all religious backgrounds can interact and grow together.

Q. What types of creativity are being cultivated on Yehudis Magazine?

A. We have interactive columns in a variety of topics that Jewish girls will love, ranging from inspirational poetry to tznius fashion tips.  We’ve also launched a fiction section called “Continue the Story” where it’s up to our readers to decide what happens next.  So far, we’ve received some really suspenseful submissions!

Q. How much time do you expect your writers to contribute towards Yehudis Magazine?

A. Our staff is primarily made up of teen girls (though a couple of the moms decided to join in the fun!) and as a teenager myself, I know just how busy one becomes in this stage of life.  Many of us are balancing school careers and our personal lives, a precarious task as it is.  Having a monthly posting schedule for our writers seemed to be the most realistic and accommodating of such busy schedules.

Q. What is your vision for Yehudis Magazine?

A. It’s a pretty big aspiration, but I hope to someday see Yehudis Magazine become a household name for Jewish families throughout the world, promoting achdus among our nation and celebrating just how creative we Jewish girls and women are.

Amen. wishes much Torah blessings towards the success of Yehudis Magazine, both in print and online.